Conversion of Lathe to CNC, Rutex Notes

Notes and data not found on Rutex website.

I am using the Rutex R2030 to drive Sanyo Denki P5 AC 1000 Watt motors. Because EMC2 does not have SPI, I will be using step/direction mode.

Chips on board:

(1) PIC18F1320 processor
Microchip overview
Interesting application note

(2) Atmel ATF16V8BGL-15SC, Programmable Array Logic

(3) ST26C32AB, CMOS quad tri-state differential line receiver

(4) L6386D, High-Voltage High and Low Side Driver

(5) 34151, High Speed DualMOSFET Driver

(6) LS7083, Quadrature Clock Converter

The R20x0 documentation did not have the connector pin-out for the R2030. Tom Eldredge <usa(atsymbol)> sent a PDF (Link) with the pin-out and wire colors for my particular motor. Thanks Tom.

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